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Changelog for 1.4 – 2015-03-05

Added: Ability to complete listing/event orders later through user’s dashboard
Added: Ability to set status “Deleted” for Listings and Events on the user’s dashboard and manage “deleted” items in the back-end
Added: Ability to use coupons in relisting process
Added: Option to set number of available categories to choose for free listing/events
Added: Option to choose content editor type (Plain text, HTML editor, TinyMCE editor) on listinf/event forms.
Added: Social API, added email and google+ contact methods to listing, event and profile forms, added appropriate filters for extending contact fields
Added: Order description to orders index page (back-end)
Added: AppThemes MarkePlace page in back-end
Added: Option to disable redirect from default WP login pages
Added: Order ID in subject of receipt email
Added: Term description on taxonomy index page, TinyMCE editors on the Edit Term forms (Listing Categories, Listing Tags, Event Cantegories, Event Tags, Blog Categories, Blog Tags)
Added: Biographical info to the user’s profile page
Changed: Disallow to contact claimable listing owner before listing will climed by someone
Changed: Send email to admin for new published (without moderation) listings/events
Changed: Disallow users to select images from ‘Media Library’ tab while editing listing in back-end
Changed: Removed pagination when random sort order
Changed: Change string with forced recurring plan: If a plan is set for 1 month forced recurring, then on the front end it will read ‘for every month’ and not ‘for 1 month’
Changed: Show user’s display name instead of username on Event Attendees widget
Changed: Added pan/zoom controls to the map if opened on mobile device. (disable unwanted zooming/panning)
Changed: Custom forms got custom icons in back-end menu
Fixed: Issue with importer attachments
Fixed: Prevent duplicates when importing
Fixed: Prevent double click ‘next step’ on submitting listing/event
Fixed: Hide Internal templates on the Quick Edit form
Fixed: Added options to select Addon duration and period type (days, months, years) for listing addons and addons included in pricing plan, moved js to separated file, changed features wording in front-end. IMPORTANT: Changes will not automatically accepted on existing sites. For example, if user previously set duration = 365 days, he still see the same. To change wording to “1 Year”, admin have to manually edit addon options and set “Duration = 1″ and “Period Type = Year”. It can’t be done automatically in many reasons.
Fixed: Add alt tag to listing uploaded images
Fixed: Fatal error when mbstring PHP module diactivated on the server
Fixed: Duplicate email for event submission
Fixed: Order Receipt Emailed Before Payment is Made
Fixed: New Review disables description. Prevent early escape from js process on Review submitting.
Fixed: Images order not being saved while editing listing
Fixed: Add review ribbon styling.
Fixed: Style issue with map directions table width in Map widget
Fixed: PHP errors when trying to open dashboard of unknown user
Fixed: Comments/reviews tabs on mobile devices
Fixed: Add mp3 support in custom forms. Allowed to add numbers to file extentions
Fixed: Past dates displayed in the icon on events lists. Filter all past dates except latest in the Event icon.
Fixed: Defaults for checkboxes not visible on the front end.
Fixed: Image classes are missing for posts
Fixed: Empty search results text needs better formatting
Fixed: Image algnment css missing
Fixed: like_escape is deprecated since WP version 4.0
Fixed: Update custom form bug

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