Woocommerce Tab Manager v1.2.0


oocommerce Tab Manager v1.2.0 As a WooCommerce store owner, we know you love your products. In fact, you love them so much you probably want to tell your customers everything about them, from dimensions to shipping and manufacturing details. We get it! But you probably want a really polished way …

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WooCommerce Social Login v1.4.0


WooCommerce Social Login v1.4.0 Download 2015.02.09 – version 1.4.0 * Misc – WooCommerce 2.3 Compatibility * Localization – Add wpml-config.xml file allowing you to translate option texts * Localization – Added Italian translation by DOT agency (https://dot-agency.it) 2015.01.20 – version 1.3.2 * Fix – Ensure is widget is properly registered …

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Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses v3.2.16


Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses v3.2.16 Download 2015.02.08 – version 3.2.16 * Feature: Ability to overwrite templates by creating a “multi-shipping” directory in your active theme’s directory 2015.01.29 – version 3.2.15 * WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility 2015.01.12 – version 3.2.14 * Bug fix: Additional tax fixes for multiple packages 2014.12.29 – version …

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WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus v1.10.0


WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus v1.10.0 Download Key Features Configure one or more pickup locations for the customer to select from at checkout Selected pickup location is displayed in customer’s Account View Order page, order emails, and in the Order Admin Set a cost for pickup, or a cost per pickup …

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Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro v1.7.0


Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro v1.7.0 Download Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce The WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin allows your store to have sequential, rather than random order numbers. Additionally you can customize your order numbers by setting a starting number, number length and custom prefix and postfix, so …

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Woocommerce Returns and Warranty Requests v1.5.2


Woocommerce Returns and Warranty Requests v1.5.2 Download RMA Management – Manage, Sell, Facilitate Easy Returns and Warranties Manage the RMA process, add warranty terms to your products, and allow your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from their user account. Key Features Manage all RMA, warranty, and …

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Woocommerce Product Documents v1.3.0


Woocommerce Product Documents v1.3.0 Download Everyone wants to sell more, and one proven way to make it happen is to reduce barriers to purchase. For many customers, the more information they have for a product up-front, the fewer excuses they have to avoid buying. Giving customers access to product documentation …

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WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.8.2


WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.8.2 Download Create configurable product bundles and kits by combining simple and variable products. Product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies: Bundle a few products together, sell them at a discount price and watch the sales go up! However, product bundling is not all …

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Woocommerce PDF Product Vouchers v2.2.0


Woocommerce PDF Product Vouchers v2.2.0 Download Connect Your Business and Online Store with Customizable PDF Vouchers While virtual gift certificates are great, they limit many business owners who want certificates that can be redeemed at a physical location. Tired of the disconnect between selling online and your on-the-ground business? The …

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Woocommerce Payza v1.3.0


Woocommerce Payza v1.3.0 Download *** WooCommerce Payza Gateway Changelog *** 2015.02.09 – version 1.3.0 * Misc – WooCommerce 2.3 Compatibility 2014.09.30 – version 1.2.2 * Fix – Fix a fatal error when checking out with Payza 2014.09.07 – version 1.2.1 * Misc – WooCommerce 2.2 Compatibility 2014.01.20 – version 1.2.0 …

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