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Philip Tirone – 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score

Philip Tirone – 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score
Sale Page: http://www.720creditscore.com/7-steps-to-a-720-credit-score/

Price: $1000
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It’s Easier Than That

Question: If you lost your job, had your house foreclosed, and then went through a bankruptcy, how long would it take you to transform your credit score?

You might think you’d have to wait seven to ten years, when the delinquencies fall off your credit report. But the truth is: You can transform your credit score in as little as 12 or 24 months.

Contents of Philip Tirone’s 7 Steps To A 720 Credit Score:
– Credit Lessons

Lesson 1: Your True Score
Lesson 2: The Ideal Number
Lesson 3: The 30% Rule
Lesson 4: Credit Card Limits
Lesson 5: About Installment Loans
Lesson 6: High-Priority Errors
Lesson 7: Negotiate Your Collections
Lesson 8: Designing Your script
Lesson 9: Marriage, Divorce, and Credit
Lesson 10: Refinancing Your Loans
Lesson 11: Lowering Interest Rates
Lesson 12: Quick Credit Strategies
Lesson 13: Protecting Your Score


Recovering From Bankruptcy
Fighting Back – When to Sue The Credit Bureaus
Student Loans – Keeping Them Under Control
For Canadians Only

– Question & Answer Sessions

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