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Woocommerce Composite Products v2.3.0

Woocommerce Composite Products v2.3.0 Download

*** WooCommerce Composite Products ***

2014.08.15 – version 2.3.0
* Feature – New “Thumbnail” Component Options selection mode. In “Thumbnail” mode, Component Options are activated/deactivated by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail. Active selections appear highlighted, while deactivated options appear greyed-out. “Drop-down” selection mode is still available as the default option.
* Fix – Resolved file upload issues affecting composited item add-ons.
* Tweak – Remove localization and currency data from the WC_Product_Bto class and localize scripts.
* Tweak – Multi-page navigation tweaks.
* Tweak – Evaluate wc_bto_show_product nonce when pulling product data via ajax.

2014.08.09 – version 2.2.6
* Feature – Allow changing composited item quantities in-cart.
* Fix – ‘/ pc.’ variations suffix.
* Fix – Better validation for items sold individually.
* Tweak – Inventory note.
* Tweak – Changed text domain name to ‘woocommerce-composite-products’.

2014.07.24 – version 2.2.5
* Fix – Incorrect Composite prices in the order review/details templates. Caused by other extensions under specific conditions.
* Tweak – Introduced ‘woocommerce_composited_item_price_html’ and ‘woocommerce_composited_item_price_string’ filters.
* Tweak – Improved presentation of component options when i) minimum component quantity is > 1 and/or ii) minimum quantity equals max quantity.

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