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WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.5.2

WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.5.2 Download

*** WooCommerce Product Bundles ***

2014.08.01 – version 4.5.2
* Fix – Incorrect bundled item prices in the order review/details templates. Caused by other extensions under specific conditions.
* Fix – Better validation for items sold individually.
* Tweak – Bundle level inventory note.
* Tweak – Changed text domain name to ‘woocommerce-product-bundles’.

2014.07.15 – version 4.5.1
* Fix – Fixed ‘is_on_backorder’ strict notice.
* Tweak – Added .pot file.

2014.06.20 – version 4.5.0
* Feature – Added support for a single Simple Subscription in every bundle.
* Feature – Added support for ‘woocommerce_template_overrides_scan_paths’.
* Fix – Admin price saving bug when using non-standard decimal/thousand separators.
* Fix – Fix sale status and sold individually status of a bundle when using enable_bundle_transients.
* Fix – Add bundled items via ‘bundled_add_to_cart’, to avoid updating session data, recalculating totals or calling ‘woocommerce_add_to_cart’ recursively.
* Fix – Correct validation of bundled item stock that takes into account quantities in cart.
* Fix – Items which are sold individually can’t be saved with a quantity > 1.
* Fix – Admin order item count now includes separate bundled items count info.
* Fix – Bundled item add-on options do not affect container uniqueness.
* Fix – Added ‘single_add_to_cart_button’ class for GA event tracking.
* Fix – Price filter results are empty when no bundles exist.
* Tweak – Re-organized functions and filters in classes according to context.
* Tweak – Alert admin ajax saving errors.
* Tweak – Indentation of bundled line items in admin “Orders” and “Edit Order” screens.
* Tweak – Reported count of bundles & bundled items in the cart is now based on the Bundled/Non Bundled shipping setting. If the bundled items are set to retain their shipping properties, it makes much more sense to treat them as standalone items and count them instead of counting their containers. In the opposite case, if a bundle has its own (new) physical properties, the quantity of its contents is probably irrelevant.

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