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WooCommerce Subscriptions v1.5.9

WooCommerce Subscriptions v1.5.9 Download
Offer products and services that require recurring payments in your WooCommerce Store

Want to sell products and services that require recurring payments? Now you can, withWooCommerce Subscriptions.
Start selling subscriptions

WC Subscriptions makes it easy to create and manage products with recurring payments. Create a subscription product just like any other WooCommerce product, and you’re ready to start selling subscriptions.

With Subscriptions, you can charge recurring payments per day, week, month or year. You can add an optional sign-up fee and duration. Shipping fees, discounts & taxes are all applied to recurring payments.

Subscription management is also synced with the payment gateway. When a subscription is cancelled at PayPal, it will be cancelled with your site. And you can offer your customer’s multiple gateway options – PayPal Standard is supported out-of-the-box, and you can add PayPal Digital Goods or Stripe. All other gateways are compatible with subscriptions when using manual payments.
What can you sell with Subscriptions?

Products that require shipping, like magazines;
Downloadable products, like e-zines;
Virtual products, like memberships;
Services, like business coaching;
Sell any other physical, virtual or downloadable product/service you can imagine!

*** WooCommerce Subscriptions Changelog ***

2014.08.14 – version 1.5.9
* Tweak: allow switching from one catch all variation to another, as long as the chosen attributes differ between the old subscription and the new one
* Tweak: when renewing an expired/cancelled subscription, do not apply original discounts and coupons – require new coupons to be applied if a discount is being offered
* Fix: show $0 initial amount on cart totals when applying a product, cart or sign-up fee coupon to a subscription that does not have a free trial
* Fix: only apply subscription total calculations to parent renewal orders, not child renewal orders. This prevents a free trial being added to manual renewal orders.
* Fix: copy the attributes of a catch all variation (i.e. attribute = “any”) to renewal orders
* Fix: extra tax rows displayed by the order details template when tax totals are displayed as a single total
* Fix: do not allow a new subscription and subscription renewal to be purchased in the cart at the same time (until 2.0 where multiple subscriptions are supported)
* Fix: synchronise subscriptions manually added to an order and make sure line total accounts for whether the subscription is synchronised

2014.08.01 – version 1.5.8
* Tweak: improve pointers for new installations
* Tweak: display product/subscription removed notices with blue informational style instead of red error style
* Tweak: when Mixed Checkout is enabled, honour WooCommerce’s “Redirect to cart page” setting when adding a subscription to a cart which already contains a subscription (and therefore, is removed)
* Tweak: if a store manager has manually created a subscription to a limited product but not set a user account on that subscription, make sure other non-logged in users can still purchase it (i.e. don’t limit “Guest” users)
* Tweak: display an admin notice if PayPal Credentials seem incorrect – PayPal provide no way to verify credentials but if an API request fails due to “Security header is not valid” it’s most likely due to incorrect credentials
* Tweak: display an admin notice if PayPal Profile ID’s are using the pre-2009 S- prefix (and therefore, will not work with the new API)
* Fix: incorrect line totals with non-period decimal separator when manually adding a subscription with a sign-up fee
* Fix: display correct order totals when purchasing a subscription synchronised to every n weeks
* Fix: do not include up-front shipping on shipping option price strings when the cart only contains a synchronised subscription with a first payment date other than the day of sign-up
* Fix: display sign up fee with tax when the shop’s base country is a taxable country, prices are entered excluding tax but prices should be displayed including tax
* Fix: the “From:” price on a variable subscription when using tax inclusive pricing and prices in the shop are displayed including tax
* Fix: display Action Scheduler’s admin page when WP_DEBUG is set
* Fix: pre-tax recurring % coupon and sign-up fee % coupon discount amounts displayed on cart and checkout totals when purchasing more than one of the same subscription
* Fix: only trigger gateway scheduled subscription payment hook when a recurring amount needs to be charged – avoids duplicate renewal orders with some gateways like Stripe which generate a failed renewal order when the amount to charge is $0.
* Fix: do not display switch messages on order received page when paying with PayPal
* Fix: subscriptions synchronised to a week day on a site using a non-English locale
* Fix: display of price string for subscriptions synchronised to Sunday each week

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