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Woothemes Sensei v1.6.3

Woothemes Sensei v1.6.3 Download

***Woothemes Sensei Changelog ***

2014.08.05 – version 1.6.3
* New – Single class to manage Sensei notices
* Tweak – Adding missing text filter
* Tweak – Adding ‘button’ class to course results link for more consistent display
* Tweak – Significant improvements to Sensei activity functions that improve all-round performance (kudos David Page)
* Tweak – Retaining learner question & quiz data when they are removed from lessons & courses due to expired/cancelled subscriptions/orders
* Tweak – Improving function that checks for user course completion (kudos David Page)
* Fix – Improving registration to make sure duplicate email addresses are not allowed
* Fix – Improving login and registration redirects and feedback notices
* Fix – Ensuring that grades do not show over 100% for any courses or lessons
* Fix – Fixing Analysis export to fetch correct page
* Fix – Fixing PHP Strict Standards warnings
* Fix – Fixing course price display
* Fix – Stopping question duplication when lessons are duplicated
* Fix – Fixing occasional 404 errors after after clicking ‘more’ link on course overview page
* Fix – Fixing excerpts on course archive pages

Template files modified:

2014.07.28 – version 1.6.2
* New – Adding WPML compatibility
* Tweak – Hide the ‘You have already added this Course to your cart’ message if the user is enrolled in the course and add a new ‘hide_sensei_woocommerce_in_cart_message’ filter to remove the notice completely
* Fix – Fixing incorrect text domain references
* Fix – Fixing chosen input widths
* Fix – Fixing learner profile URL when site URL is different from home URL
* Fix – Fixing question order meta data update (kudos David Page)
* Fix – Fixing answer ID generation on quiz edit panel to ensure all answer types will be displayed (kudos David Page)
* Fix – Fixing answer feedback saving and generation (kudos David Page)
* Fix – Fixing ordering of questions loaded from existing questions (kudos David Page)
* Fix – Failed logins now redirect back to the frontend login page
* Fix – Ensuring all frontend Sensei messages are correctly styled
* Fix – Fixing Analysis export to export correct page

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